...harmony with our blue planet, wave oscillations of water, sinusoidal pathways of the paddling motion, rhythm, timing, cadence...


Our mission is to make products that directly address the essential paddler need for safety, comfort, and hydration so you can be free to fully experience every stroke, glide, and day on the water. 


Bluemonic was co-founded by career SUP and kayaking guides / instructors Shannon MacDowell and Carey Bond.  The two met at the beginning of the SUP boom and surf ski resurgence on the highly dynamic and technical waters surrounding Manhattan Island.  Their aquatic adventures continued spanning far flung locations including the Golfo Dulce in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula, Prince William Sound in Alaska and Turtle Beach on the Gulf of Mexico. 

In 2017, the two headed west, relocating to the Bay Area, CA - a paddler's paradise.

MacDowell and Bond have professional  and education backgrounds in product design, cut and sew, fitness, and the performing and visual arts.  

MacDowell and Bond are ACA L3 Coastal SUP certified.  Previously, as SUPLOGIX, a science of SUP think tank, they pioneered the groundbreaking SUP electromyography study with Travis Grant. http://www.supracer.com/emg-stand-paddle-muscle-test-travis-grant/